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The fastest way to sell your marketing and communications agency

Sell your agency quickly and for the best price

"I was shocked when when I gave you some information and two days later I had 45 people knocking down the doors looking to have some conversations and I was just like holy this guy's legit" ~ Arjun Shukla, CEO Spotlight

Fill in your details, it's easy to get set up immediately. Our M&A team will help you sell or skip straight to your own conversations. Connect with 130,000+ agencies to get your company acquired in as little as 90 days. We take 5% of the consideration, ONLY if we sell your agency.


The Hard Way


Hire an Investment Banker or Broker
Period: 2 Months


Build a Data Room
Period: 1 Month


Reach out to Buyers
Period: 1 Month


The Dog and Pony Show
Period: 2 Months


Term Sheets + Negotiations
Period: 1 Month


Due Dilligence
Period: 2 Months


Haggling and Renegotiation
Period: 1 Month


❌ 90% Fail to Close
✅ 10% Close Successfully

Period: 2 Month

The Outcome:

Rinse and Repeat for a couple of years until you eventually give it away!

The Agencies Way

1 - Set up your account

Enter details about the agency you want to sell.

  • Describe your business (your company name is always private)
  • Explain why you’re selling
    Share your web, customer, and financial metrics with our team
  • Send your pitch deck

2 - Get help to sell

Tell us your goals and our M&A team will help to sell quickly, easily, and for the highest price. Or, skip straight to connecting with buyers. The choice is yours.

  • Our team has hundreds of deals under their belts
  • Get help with valuation, negotiations, due diligence, M&A, and more
  • We market your opportunity to buyers and get a deal done quicker

3 - Connect with buyers

Vet interested buyers to find the right fit. Get a letter of intent within 90 days.

  • Approve or reject access to your pitch deck
  • Prioritize buyers who’ve verified their identities and funds
  • View buyers’ acquisition experience and criteria to find the right fit

Our Clients Love Us

Steve Quah

Steve Quah, CEO, Aeorema Communications PLC

A professional service, knowledgeable and trusted to represent Aeorema PLC. The industry is short of consultants that offer a similar service like Agencies.co

Rick Stainton

Rick Stainton, Group Executive Director, Smyle Group Ltd

Having worked with the Agencies.co team, I can happily endorse the professional services they provide. Agencies.co can help you turn your business into a leading agency in the market. I recommend them highly.

Bob Dearsley

Bob Dearsley, Chief Executive, Huble Digital

The Agencies.co team has managed the process of engagement and deal flow for us in developing our Buy and Build strategy in our target market. We defined the targets with them and they provided us with tons of potential opportunities across a number of geographies. We have now completed two acquisitions with them and are looking for a third. Great people to work with.

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